Unexpected use of protein blocks

In a previous post, I tried to explain what are proteins blocks (PBs). For those who forgot, PBs are structural prototypes used to modelize a 3D local protein structure into a 1D sequence. I illustrated this with a picture of protein blocks that I also posted on Flickr.

Protein blocks

I initially …

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Cours de Python avancé

Cours de Python avancé à destination des étudiants en deuxième année du master Biologie – Informatique à l’Université Paris Diderot – Paris 7.

Le cours est téléchargeable au format PDF [454 Ko].

Un complément de cours est également disponible sur la page Python.

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PDB format

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Clean Gromacs backup files

Note to self.
Add the following lines to .bashrc file to clean Gromacs backups :

# clean Gromacs backups in the current directory
alias cleangromacsbackups="rm -f \#*\#"
# clean Gromacs backups recursively (for the fearless warriors)
alias cleangromacsbackups_rec="find ./ -name \#*\# | xargs -r rm"

Be careful with the second command...

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